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Innovv C5 Motorcycle Camera Review

Innovv updated their C3 motorcycle camera with a new C5 model, which includes many new features and new and improved design.

I reviewed several cameras from Innovv to include C3 and K1. To this day, there are not many cameras available for motorcycles. Previously I also reviewed Mobius, which was a good cheap camera, but it lacked many features that K1 and C5 provide.

I received C5 several weeks ago and will share my experience with the camera. Unit arrived in a nice box. Innovv does great job with packaging, C3 and K1 were boxed perfectly as well.

I was happy to get SD Card reader adapter in the package as well. You’ll also get mounting kit and all needed wiring.

Installation was as simple as it can be. I recorded video of my installation. I apologize if I don’t cover everything in the video, but if you have any questions, feel free to post here and I will respond as fast as I can.

Installation video:

Basically, you need 3 connections for the camera to work. First one is negative (ground), second one is positive, which goes to positive terminal on the battery. Third one is a trigger connection, which starts recording when power gets to the trigger wire.

I used tag light as my trigger connection because anytime I start my motorcycle (or even turn on the ignition), tag light comes on.

There are many places where you can mount your camera, I chose to mount this one right at the center above my handlebars. I have Mobius installed right above front wheel and K1 currently installed next to one handlebar and rear camera next to my tag.

You will have to fish wire to get camera to the front and recording box in the rear. I recommend taking some fairings off. On my motorcycle removal of one fairing was sufficient to get wires across.

One word of advice, which may be very important. There are two bolts that go with the camera and wire. The bolts are used to connect the camera to DVR. Make sure you take those bolts off before you fish in the wire around the motorcycle. I made a mistake thinking that those bolts won’t get lost while I move the wire across and I lost those bolts. Fortunately, I was able to find one later, but still missing the second one.

Once installation is done, you’ll have to get a MicroSD card. Instructions had a guide on how to format a card that has more than 32GB for the card to work with the device. I used Samsung EVO 64GB MicroSD and formatted using that program (that guide had). That did not help and I got an error message saying I need to format my card. I then used another software and properly formatted it to FAT32, but that still did not work. I then used another 32GB card and it worked with no problems.

One slight problem, a very slight one, the MicroSD card slot goes too deep, so if you’ll want to remove the card, you may have to use a key. If wifi system will work good, you won’t need to remove the card often, so it is a very small problem.

Now let’s talk about the app. I used INNOVV app on iPhone. To get the app you just have to download it through app store. The app is free.

I tried to use it several times. It is very user friendly and most settings and choices are made with common sense. I did encounter several issues though. The worst one is the speed. I was able to get first video fast, but after that, even weeks later, it was taking forever to download video from DVR to my iPhone. To give you approximate timeframe, I would say it takes about 15 minutes to download 2-minute video. I tried to wait until download was over, but then I just gave up as I did not want to stand by my running motorcycle under hot sun for that long.

Second problem is crashes. I had countless issues with logging in and later on the app kept crashing on me.

What I ended up doing is taking the card out and copying files from my computer. Good thing is I believe it can be fixed with software (app) updates.

Now let’s cover video quality. I really liked the video resolution and quality. Innovv C5 does great job at capturing videos at high detail levels. I was disappointed with audio quality. My nearly new motorcycle sounds like 50s dying barely working scooter or don’t know what else. Good thing is you are able to use external mic to hopefully fix the problem.

Video daytime:

One thing I did not like, Innovv uses MPEG-2 Transport Stream video codec, which is not compatible with video editing software that I use. It is not compatible at least with Sony Vegas Pro (Windows) and iMovie (MAC).

Unit’s reliability has been very good. So far I did not have any issues with missing or loosing video files. As always time will show, but so far I was not disappointed with reliability (besides the app). They do provide good customer service from my experience and very fast email response.

After having the camera under Florida sun for about a month, I noticed that the color of the camera faded.

C5 currently goes for $228.00. In my opinion, it will be a great buy once app or more specifically download speeds get fixed. I can live with crashes, but if it takes 15 minutes to download one short video, the wifi feature will be useless for me.

Innovv official website

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