Blackvue Dash Cam DR900S Review

As I said earlier, this is not the first time I am dealing with Blackvue cameras. I received DR900S 2 channel system with two cameras. The front facing camera is 4k resolution and the rear camera is 1080. The system was well packaged and included the plastic crowbar or pry bar. I still don’t know how exactly to call the tool, but the tool is very helpful. The package also came with several 3m stickers, which helped me with the installation. The manual was also helpful. The box also has a wifi password, so make sure you remember the password. I took a picture of the box just in case I lose the password.

I also received Power Magic EZ for an easy installation with parking mode.

The installation is very straight forward. Before you actually install the cameras to the windows, use Blackvue app on your phone to perfectly align the cameras. Also figure out where you will hide the cables. I installed the camera on 2006 Honda Ridgeline. I hid most of the cable that goes front rear camera to the front camera in the rear pillar. Most of the power cable that goes from front camera to the power, I hid under steering wheel and used zip ties.

I’ll first start with Power Magic EZ. Installation of the product was very easy. I just used Power Magic EZ instead of supplied power cable that came with the camera. Power Magic EZ plugs into check engine port of the truck and should work in parking mode where camera shuts off if truck’s battery gets low. I noticed that the camera was working, but would never shut off. It caused my truck’s battery to completely die several times.

I ended up buying Power Magic Pro, which I also used on previous car. The installation of the system is a bit more complicated, but not too bad. I took out my fuse box cover and connected ground to a bolt nearby, one wire to interior light fuse for constant power, and one wire to acc fuse for accessory power. With this installation, I did not have any more issues with parking mode or with my battery.

As I said before, make sure you get Blackvue app. You can change everything including video quality and led lights on the cameras. I was really impressed with the video quality. The images are very sharp with perfect balance in colors. I also noticed that the download speeds on the app are much quicker than they were on the previous Blackvue camera that I reviewed.

The Blackvue app has several sections. The way BlackVue Cloud works is you connect your BlackVue dash camera to a hot spot. That enables you to live stream or access recording from anywhere in the world on your phone. That option is not common for regular everyday users, since you'll have to pay for the hot spot unit and internet subscription, but it can be very useful for business owners who have cameras installed on their company vehicles.

BlackVue Wi-Fi - That option I used the most. In that section, I was able to change lots of settings of the unit. I was also able to live stream the video, which helped me align cameras correctly. Also, that's where you copy needed video files to your phone. Front camera recordings take some time to copy, so my recommendation is to keep video duration files to 1 minute.

Once video files are copied, go to Internal Memory section. Over there, you can copy the files directly to your iPhone camera roll. Video files can be viewed on you iPhone and also can be edited, which I am really excited about. As I said before, I noticed that download speeds of the videos have been improved.

I noticed a really cool feature on this camera that the previous one that I reviewed did not have. On the right of the front camera, there is a wifi button. What I do is if I want to quickly copy video footage to my iPhone, I push the wifi button to turn it on. Then I can just connect to the camera through my iPhone without reentering password. In the older camera, I had to press “forget the network” on my iPhone to not have the connection bother me. To make sure you understand what I am saying, on the previous camera, you are always connected to the camera while you are in the car unless you manually disconnect using your iPhone. Now, I can just turn on wifi by pressing on the right of the camera, copy what I need to copy, and then press the same button again to turn the wifi off.

So the camera is perfect. Now I’ll show you several vides. I tried to record footage in days, nights, and rain. See for yourself. If you get this camera, you won’t be sorry.

Introduction and installation

Day time recording

Night time recording