BlackVue 750 LTE Dash Camera Review

I reviewed many dash cameras on this web site. Some were for motorcycles and some were for cars. Some cameras came with below decent video quality and some featured 4K video quality. Some of the cameras came with Wi-Fi connectivity. BlackVue 750LTE is a very different and unique two channel camera system. Not only you can connect to the camera by a Wi-Fi connection, but you can also connect to the camera by a cellular network connection.

All you need for the connection to work is to have an active SIM card with a decent data plan. Since I never had a camera with SIM card and cellular capabilities, getting the camera to work with that connection was a very new challenge to me.

Initially I ordered a prepaid SIM card on eBay that came with a 2GB data. The SIM card was supposed to work in United States on a T-Mobile network. I was able to successfully activate the card on one of my iPhones and everything appeared to be working fine.

Next step was to activate the same SIM card on the dash camera itself. What was different about activating SIM card on the phone and on the dash camera was that I had to select a service provider in settings on the dash camera app interface. If my service provider was not listed, I had to manually input needed information. I played around with the information and I was advised that the card was successfully activated, however, I was not able to remotely connect to the camera via cellular network.

After some troubleshooting, I decided to use my AT&T sim card from my phone and the dash camera LTE connection worked flawlessly. Using my phone, I was able to see the dash cam view live. I was also able to get GPS coordinates of my dash camera and was even able to communicate with the dash camera by voice.

It also should be noted that BlackVue web site stated that in United States, AT&T and T-Mobile sim cards are supported, so perhaps the sim card I was using initially was simply not compatible at this time.

So now that I got everything to work, let’s talk about the two LTE cloud options that are offered by BlackVue. The first LTE option is free, but has some limitations.

The free BlackVue cloud version gives one camera registration, 10 minutes of live view a day, 100 remote playbacks and downloads per month, and a 5 GB of storage. You can upgrade to a Smart plan, which cost $12 a month. With the smart plan, you will get up to 3 camera registrations, unlimited live and download views, and each camera will have 5GB of storage.

If you wish to have more than 3 cameras, I am not sure if BlackVue will work, at least not yet.

Now, good question to ask would be who would need that kind of system? For a regular consumer who operates their vehicle, the LTE option is not needed. The option can be very useful for someone who has vehicles that are used by other people or employees.

If employer has 3 vehicles that are used by employees and want to have access to live video, GPS coordinates, and have ability to call through the dash camera, the Smart Plan with these cameras would be a very good option. To break it down in monthly cost, Smart Plan will cost $12 a month and employer would need to get preferably an unlimited data plan sim cards. I can’t give you exact price of those cards, but my guess it would be about $50 a month for each.

For three vehicles, monthly price would be about $162. That does give a good control for the employer. The cameras themselves cost about $440 each.

As far as reliability goes, BlackVue dash cameras are the most reliable cameras I have reviewed. The oldest BlackVue dash camera I reviewed is still used on my vehicle and have been there for approximately 4 years now. The camera still works flawlessly with no issues whatsoever.

This camera is great, but as mentioned above, it is not wise to have it for personal use. If you want a reliable dash camera for your personal vehicle, you can get 4K dash camera from BlackVue for approximately same price without LTE function or you could get a simpler BlackVue DR590X 2 channel with Wi-Fi capability for only $260. Why this 760 LTE dash camera cost $440? Because of LTE function.

If you need to track your vehicle’s video footage, GPS coordinates, and communicate with the vehicle drivers, BlackVue 750 LTE dash camera is the camera for you. If LTE is not your priority, BlackVue has a lot of great alternatives.