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Infiniti G37 Bumper Plugs

Infiniti G37 Bumper Plugs

If you bought a car that has front plate drill holes and you do not need a tag upfront, you probably have been looking for a good solution.
Your only solutions are to put some random tag upfront, which is not a good solution for a nice looking car, or to cover the holes.

If you decide to cover the plate holes, you have to set of tools and paint.

There is, however, a better solution.

Infiniti G37 Bumper Plugs offers custom made bumper plugs for virtually every car. When you order, you simply pick a car brand and then color code.

Infiniti G37 Bumper Plugs

Package came in several days with full instructions.

Infiniti G37 Bumper Plugs

If your holes are too small for the plugs, you'll have to drill them with 1/4 drill bit and move drill around a little to make hole wider. For perfect measurements, you have to have the holes 9/32 wide.

Infiniti G37 Bumper Plugs

Before inserting the plugs, make sure the bumper surface is flat and there are no fragments or paint or bumper plastic on top of the bumper. If there are any fragments, your plug will not sit flat on the bumper.

Infiniti G37 Bumper Plugs

Insert the plugs with your thumb in the center of the plug.

Infiniti G37 Bumper Plugs

And that's it. Overall a very easy installation.

Only bad thing about this product is the price. Total with shipping comes to about $34. If you decided to do everything yourself, you can find a plastic plug at local hardware store, find a primer, and paint and do everything yourself. That option should cost you about $20.

My opinion, if you need a vehicle paint and primer for some other projects, you can make plugs yourself. If all you need is the bumper plugs, it's probably a better option to just order them directly from

Speaking of time, it took me couple minutes to install bumper plugs. If you will make plugs yourself, expect to work on them for much longer period of time.

It does cost a lot. I thought that every order you place is custom made, but manufacturer told me that they have thousands of plugs made in colors in stock. I was told that it takes 11 days to make these plugs and that it involves 19 different stages. I was told that there are different layers that make these plugs very reliable and sturdy, but how exactly they made is a trade secret.

I did not do any crash test or any other way to test durability, but the plugs do appear to be very well made.

Infiniti G37 Bumper Plugs

If you want to order set for yourself, go to

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