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» » Honda Ridgeline Aux and USB install in center console

Honda Ridgeline Aux and USB install in center console

I installed an aftermarket stereo with aux and car play capabilities. I decided to also install aux and USB in the center console for friendlier use of these features.

Installation is pretty simple and won’t take too much of your time. Start with prying out two plastic trims, one on the left side and another one on the right side of your center dashboard. Piece that has your heated seats controllers. Remove screws on two sides. Now remove the small pouch in the front of the piece and remove another screw behind it. Now you can remove the whole piece.

Next step is the floor piece. I apologize in advance as I have no idea how to name all these trim pieces. Floor piece just comes off when you pull it up.

Now you need to remove the rear part of the center console. It is very easy to remove, all you need to do is pry out that piece from two sides in the rear and it will come off.

Now you need to decide where to mount your USB AUX adapter or whatever you want to put there. I chose to mount it on the upper side of the center console.

I had to drill the hole and push through the adapter. Now the toughest part of the project. You’ll have to fish the wire to your stereo. I couldn’t find my fish tool, so I had to use some strong wire. I ran wire from front to rear and at the rear I taped the strong wire with my adapter wire and after that I pulled my strong wire and had all wires I needed at the front, next to the floor piece location.

Next step is pull the wire towards your stereo, that part was really easy and I did not have to use fish tool or anything else to get the wires through.

Make sure you test everything before putting everything back together.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

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