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Volkswagen Jetta Diesel Starter Replacement

In this guide I will explain how to replace starter.
I performed the replacement on a 2006 VW Jetta diesel. Your model may be different, so this guide might not apply. It should be noted that while I was diagnosing the problem on the vehicle, I also discovered that one 40 amp fuse was blown. The fuse was replaced, but the vehicle still was not able to start.

To replace the starter, first thing you need to do is lift the vehicle with a car jack as you will need to have some access under the car.

Then disconnect the battery. You can remove the battery if you want, but it is not needed to perform the replacement.

Now you will need to remove the air filter enclosure. Start by loosening all Philips screws on the enclosure. When you remove the top cover of the enclosure, take out the air filter as well.

The bottom of the enclosure if secured to the vehicle only by one torx 5 bolt. Remove the bolt.

When that bolt is out, you’ll need to pull the enclosure hard towards yourself. The enclosure is held to the vehicle by two rubber grommets and it will take some effort to take it out. I also ended up taking several other pieces in front of the enclosure to have a better access.

When the enclosure is completely removed you will be able to see the starter. First remove the positive and negative connectors to the starter.

On top of the starter, also remove a ground clamp that is attached the bolt that secures the starter to the engine. Loosen the top bolt to the starter.

Then get under the vehicle and remove the bracket that is attached to the starter by a 13mm nut. When that is removed, you can remove the bottom bolt, which is 18mm.

After that bolt is removed, go to the top of the engine and remove the top 18mm bolt. The starter may fall on the ground, so be careful. If it does not fall, you may need to beat the starter gently with hammer.

Installation of the new starter is in reverse order.

Please see full video installation as well.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Also let me know what other information you would like to see on the web site.

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