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Umnitza Orion V2 Angel Eyes Review
07-8-2012, 15:10
You probably have seen nice looking BMWs with angel eyes and think it will be nice to have some of these on your car. Well read this review to learn about the product quality and manufacturer's
Posi Connectors Review
08-29-2011, 11:05
There are some electrical connections, where using wire nuts will make things bad looking and complicated. Posi Connectors provide many wiring solutions including waterproof connections, wiretapping,
HID fog lights installation
08-8-2011, 17:30
Whether you drive Infiniti i35, i30, or any other car that has fog lights, swapping regular halogen bulbs to HID kit is very simple. In this guide, I will cover a lot of information including which
Sound Dampening
06-20-2011, 19:34
Infiniti i35 has one of the worst Bose sound systems. In order to fix the problem, most people replace BOSE head unit with aftermarket stereo. I will explain how you can improve the quality without
Feniex Halogen LED Flasher Review
06-14-2011, 13:19
Feniex provides very affordable way to make sure your car is visible on the road in emergency situations. In this review we will see if the price of this product goes in hand with the performance and