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KCI SBX-3100 Dash Camera Review
12-27-2010, 18:51
Yes, it is car dash camera. There are not many of these out there. Today we are going to review this product. The product does cost good amount of money, so we will spend good amount of time talking
ProClip Mount for Ipod
12-8-2010, 13:38
Recently I got myself a new ride and as some of you, I encounter with a problem. There is no way to put iPod output on my car because it is Infiniti with BOSE sound system. I would not spend money to
Garmin nüvi 1390T Review
06-9-2010, 10:39
There are many GPS Navigations out there, but Garmin stays one of the leading GPS Devices manufacturers. Today we have review of Garmin nüvi 1390T. Read full review…
HALO headlight bulbs
06-21-2009, 21:46
It was time to change headlight bulbs on my car. In the past two years I was using SilverStar Ultra. It was considered the best bulbs for me until I brought this bulbs. Read full review...
K&N High-Flow Air Filter Review
08-11-2008, 17:49
If you been to Discount Auto Parts store, you probably seen the K&N High Flow Air Filter laying on a counter advertising its performance. To test the product, I ordered it over there and picked it up