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Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard for iPad Review
01-19-2013, 18:55
There are tons of keyboards for iPads out there. There are options to choose from, you can use regular bluetooth keyboard, or have one that attaches to your iPad. Today we will review one of the best
Arctic Sound P311 Bluetooth Headset
01-31-2011, 16:42
To me this kind of headset was unique, maybe because I am not used to wireless or Bluetooth headphones and headsets. Today we have a great product for users like me, who have iPhones or laptops that
Arctic Sound S111 Review
12-30-2010, 13:54
Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to watch movie or a religious sermon with your friends through a laptop, but the laptop’s speakers were not loud enough? Fortunately there is a
Arctic Sound P531 Headset Review
12-28-2010, 14:33
Today we have a nice looking headset provided by Arctic. What makes this headset special is that they can be used for gaming and also for movies.
USB 3.0 is in progress by Intel
12-22-2007, 23:01
The new Super Speed USB will have a great speed (from 480 Mbps to 4.8 Gbps) and greatly lower a power consumption. The devices are expected to be ready in 2009.