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ASRock Z170 Extreme7+ Review
04-10-2016, 18:04
Even though you don't need to have most expensive motherboard to run a nice gaming system, don't overlook the need for the motherboard with more features than other motherboards might offer.
Sapphire Pure Black X58 Review
05-16-2011, 20:33
You might be surprised, but yes, it is Sapphire motherboard with Intel chipset. Before you would never see Sapphire make any motherboards for Intel as they were AMD oriented. Sapphire Pure Black X58
Gigabyte GA-P35T-DQ6
12-27-2007, 09:31
Gigabyte is a very popular brand in motherboards area for their quality and great price. Their new GA-P35T-DQ6 proves that they good at high-end motherboards. Read full review.
Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6
07-16-2007, 17:45
Gigabyte is one of the best brands for the motherboards. Infact, the quality is even getting better. Gigabyte's motherboards are popular for their feature sets, performance, and overclockability.