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Apple now
02-3-2014, 12:46
In this article we'll quickly review where Apple is going.
Overstock App - The Lotto
12-17-2013, 11:54
Not sure if you heard of a store named Overstock. I personally like the prices and heard that they are really good with the shipping. Today we'll take a look at unique function of the Overstock app
FHA vs Conventional
12-4-2013, 14:46
In this article, I'll go over my findings on what home mortgage will be a better solution for you. Read full article...
My view on Dave Ramsey
11-17-2013, 18:43
If you did not hear of Dave Ramsey, you are losing a lot. Dave Ramsey is a Christian financial counselor or advisor. He has good ideas on money management. I agree with mostly everything with him,
My view on Apple Stocks at this time
01-19-2013, 18:29
Several months ago, friend of mine called me acting proud saying he just bought Apple stocks at lowest price this year. What happened? What should you do? Read full review...