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My view on Apple Stocks at this time

My view on Apple Stocks at this time

Several months ago, friend of mine called me acting proud saying he just bought Apple stocks at lowest price this year. What happened? What should you do? Read full review...
There was time, after iPhone 5, when Apple stocks reached its peak of the lifetime, they were at $707. After that, Apple released iPad 4 and iPad Mini, stocks were still high, but not as high as after iPhone 5 release.

Friend of mine bought the stocks for over $500 thinking he made a good investment. I told him that this is something I wouldn't do as Apple has nothing to promise now. Steve Jobs passed away, meaning no more bright and unique ideas at Apple. I am not saying Apple will go bankrupt, but without special unique ideas, Apple eventually will get to the same level as Google and Microsoft.

Couple months later, friend of mine sold his stocks, loosing some money. If you ask me, I wouldn't invest in Apple at this time. They got nothing unique to offer. I am using their keyboard, iPhone, iPad, and iPod, but right now I honestly don't see what Apple can do to get their stocks up once again.

I heard rumors of Apple iTV, will it happen? Probably not simply because I don't see a good reason to make actual iTV. Apple released AppleTV and I don't any significant difference between High Definition TV with Apple TV box with just iTV.

The only stock I am looking at right now is Abercrombie. At the time when my friend was buying Apple stocks, I thought about buying Abercrombie, but that same friend talked me out of doing that. Now, Apple stocks went down and Abercrombie doubled.

What are you investing in? Share your thoughts and leave your comments.

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Papa Mike
I had my calendar marked to review this post approximately 1 year after I read it. Had you taken the author's advice and sold Apple for Abercrombie, here is how your returns would have looked:

Apple: Up 26% since January 31, 2013
Abercrombie: Down 35% since January 31, 2013.

So had you You would have a differential of 61% loss!

Sounds like you should have listened to your friend.

Buy some TSLA now.
Good evening Papa Mike! Thanks for reading my article. My friend was right to the point. $500 for Apple stock was good purchase. Now that iPhone got contract in China, their stock should have even better improvements.

TSLA is probably a good buy and I will agree with you on that. Thanks Papa Mike for reading my post once again.
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