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MSN Recorder Max Review

MSN Recorder Max Review

Have you ever wanted to record a chat mate’s webcam video? I spend long time looking for simple recorder and there are not many of them. Finally I was able to find one, simple in use and affordable in price. MSN Recorder Max, read full review…
Key Features

Record MSN video :
Your favorite chatmate's webcam video can be easily recorded with MSN Recorder Max.
Capture MSN messenger :
The whole MSN conversation window also can be recorded in real time while chatting on a video call.
Easy to record and save :
Needless to select a region on screen, just click "record" button to easily record the videos. The saved video files are high-quality with a really small size.

You can download the trial version, but it will last for only 30 days and will have watermark on the video you recorded. The full version cost only $30 and yes, it is lifetime version. The user will get all software updates as well.

MSN Recorder Max Review

The software works well with any Windows Operating System. There is something you need to know though, incase video recording be black, change video option to no compress and it should help.

You can order the product through manufacturer’s web site and get the software key instantly, right after paying for the product.

MSN Recorder Max Review

I didn’t find anything bad in the product, you can recorder whole conversation window, chat mate’s window, full screen, and selected region, basically anything you want. This product gets BestPCReviews Editor’s Choice award for been unique and perfect!

MSN Recorder Max Review

Simple to use
Nice quality
Good price


Here is the website where you can download the trial version or buy the full version of MSN Recorder Max
MSN Recorder Max

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