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Sniper Ghost Warrior Review

Sniper Ghost Warrior Review

Stealth games always entertain me, so I decided to take a closer look at another stealth game, Sniper Ghost Warrior.
Graphics in this game are below average. If we compare the game with other military games like Splinter Cell Conviction, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and Battlefield 2, all of these games were made at about the same time, but Sniper Ghost Warrior goes way under average of today’s graphic performance in gaming.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Review

Action in the game is boring and missions are very confusing. On one of the missions, I was supposed to kill two suspects. I killed one of them and was supposed to chase another. There were no instructions given how to chase him, whenever I get down to the village, I get killed by enemies.

The realism in this game goes totally opposite. You are sniper, hundreds of feet away from the enemy. However, if enemies will spot you, it will seem like all bullets that go towards you will go into your body.

Story in this game simply not present. You will get some objectives, but they are boring. The mission objectives remind me of games from late 90s. The story will not get you interested in the game at all.

The fact that I don't even remember the soundtracks tells me that soundtracks are not good.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Review

Sorry for such a short review, but the game is just simply does not cut it. This game may be good enough for gamers that play every day for many hours and simply need more games to kill their time. If you have life and got something else to do, don’t spend your time and especially money on this game.

Graphics: 3
Action: 3
Realism: 5
Story: 2
Soundtrack: 2
Overall: 2

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