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Splinter Cell Conviction Review

Splinter Cell Conviction Review

Splinter Cell Conviction has been delayed for some time, although not as long as Mafia II. Splinter Cell Series is known to the public for many years. Agent Fisher has been doing work for the government for a while. Sam Fisher was supposed to be a shadow to survive in the missions. From first series to double agent and now the series reach to conviction. This review will examine the newest Splinter Cell game, Splinter Cell Conviction.
Graphics in the game are good. There is nothing really special about them, but the graphics are steady and you will not be disappointed playing the game.

Splinter Cell Conviction Review

Splinter Cell Conviction is well packed with lots of action. Unlike first series of splinter cell, where everything has to be done quietly and unnoticeable, Splinter Cell Conviction gives you choice in most of the missions to destroy everyone or to complete the missions like a shadow, quiet and unnoticeable. On top of the story mode, conviction gives many coop missions. The coop missions require you to take hostiles out. You must take 10 of them in each section; however, if you make noise, there will be more hostile to neutralize.

Health of the Fisher is very realistic. Couple bullets can easily kill Sam Fisher. However, it always makes me wonder, in real life would people be able to see you when you hide in shadows just couple feet away from them. The game made realistic step regarding the issue. If the hostiles are looking for you, they are more likely to see you in dark corners, but if they have no idea you are present there, they will not spot you even in close distances.

Splinter Cell Conviction Review

Story of this game is not fantastic, but it will keep you interested. Someone steals Sam Fisher’s daughter and even though Sam did not want to continue to do the same job, He does not have other choice but to follow orders given to him in order to get his daughter back.

Soundtrack goes great with the game. Music is action oriented and will keep your heart beat according to the action level. Here is one track for you to check out.

The game is great and now the game is for really cheap price. The game is packed with missions, including story mode, coop missions, and even multiplayer.

Graphics: 8
Action: 10
Realism: 8
Story: 7
Soundtrack: 8
Overall: 9

Splinter Cell Conviction Review

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