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Mafia 2 Review

Mafia 2 Review

Many people have been waiting for Mafia 2 to show up in local game store’s shelves for a long time. Mafia 2 was announced in 2006, but the release date was delayed all the time. Finally, in 2010 Mafia II has been released. Full review of this game is available here.
Mafia 2 Review

The graphics of this game is incredible. You get to play in many seasons of the year, including winter. Driving in the snow is a fun thing to do, especially when no other game has the same privilege. Some of the graphic details are better than GTA IV, however, some of the graphic details are worse. Environment does seem better than GTA IV because of different seasons that are available in Mafia II. As far as I remember, GTA IV only consists of 24 hours day with the same weather. Speaking of damage that can be done to the vehicles or to the people, GTA IV gets prize for that. Damaged cars in GTA IV look a lot more graphic than in the mafia II and nothing compares to the broken bones that result in death in Grand Theft Auto.

Mafia 2 Review

The action does make heartbeat faster once in a awhile. GTA IV has more action, but mafia II follows right behind. You will get a chance to be in pursuits, dress as someone else, and blow up some buildings. Unfortunately there are no additional missions like in GTA. You not going to drive around the city that much because there are just one mission at a time, you wake up, go to mission, finish it, go back to sleep and the game goes like that throughout the time. Even though you have the entire city to explore, you not going to drive around when you have mission to do. You can, but you simply would not like it.

Mafia 2 Review

Mafia 2 is one of the most realistic games I’ve been playing. In Grand Theft Auto IV, in most of the accidents, even in head on collisions, player will not get hurt at all. Speaking of Mafia II, almost any head on collision results in death, which is also failure of mission. If you playing mafia and you get police officers mad, it would not be big trouble to neutralize officers that have handguns; however, once they get automatic weapons, you don’t have much time to live. In GTA IV, it’s not too hard to make helicopter, FBI, and SWAT chase you for hours. Also, in Mafia II you can die immediately after getting shot from shotgun.

Mafia 2 Review

Story wise, mafia is at the best once again. The story of the game will keep you at the computer or video console for a really long time. During the game, you will get a chance to be in war, winter, summer, prison, and few other places. New environments will keep you playing the game, discovering new beautiful and horrible surroundings. The story is also realistic; it truly shows what criminal activity does to people. Mafia and Mafia 2 do connect story wise at one point, reminding players that crime always have consequences. From missions you get to discover full background of player’s family and what happened to them.

Mafia 2 Review

The whole game is present with outstanding soundtracks. Just like in GTA IV, radio in vehicles is present. Great classical music is featured in the beginning, ending, and in between the missions of the game. I still listen to the soundtracks of the game.
Here are couple soundtracks:

The game does not have multiplayer; however, there is additional expansion pack. It is been tested right now, but I can tell you now that it’s missing the best feature in Mafia II, which is story.

So here are the scores:
Graphics: 9
Action: 8
Realism: 10
Story: 10
Soundtrack: 10
Overall: 10

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