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Emergency 2012 Review

Emergency 2012 Review

Not many people are familiar with Emergency game series. In this game you get a chance to control emergency services as police, fire, medical, and engineering departments to bring peace and safety to a city. Emergency 2012 is fifth game in the series.
Unfortunately graphics in this game is very identical to the graphics in fourth game of the series. It’s 2011 and we expect better graphics for this generation. Even though graphics are not as good as most modern games, the game is still playable and you will not pay much attention to the game’s graphics.

Action has been almost completely destroyed with the new game. It’s too easy now to extinguish a fire and it’s as easy as was before to handcuff suspect carrying automatic rifle. One of the worst things company could have done is disable an ability to create mods for the game. I remember in Emergency 3 and Emergency 4 there was an L.A. Mod, which had beautiful police cars as Dodge Charger and Ford Crown Victoria. You were able to turn some lights on and some off. You had different uniforms available, so even though the graphics were not very good, the cars and uniforms gave the game a better looking image at least for those of us who live in United States.

What do you think should be reality in the game? With missions as plane crash there supposed to be a huge amount of victims and dead people. Instead in one mission where huge airplane crashed, there are only seven victims and all of them are alive. As was mentioned earlier, it is still really easy to apprehend a suspect whether he is unarmed or carries an automatic rifle. As in previous games in the series, when you play a freeplay mission, if intersection light gets broken, fully marked police interceptor with emergency lights doesn’t help at all and the only solution is police officer with a little stick, which is a lot harder to notice.

Emergency 2012 has extremely horrible story. The title speaks for itself. Just like the movie 2012, the game has most popular places in trouble. You will witness plane crash right next to Moscow square, France tower collapsed, and much more stuff like that. Only difference with the movie is that when plane crashed next to the square, there were only seven victims, when French tower collapsed there were only 4 or 5 bad people to be arrested, and same applies pretty much to all other missions.

Soundtracks are pretty good and pretty much the same is in other series.

The structure or the original plan of the game is superior. There is no other game like that. The game where you have a chance to save lives and fight crimes. As we can see, this game does have a lot of mess ups, but as was mentioned before, the original plan of the game is great! Here is what’s need to be done in my opinion:

Make fighting crime more realistic
Make missions more realistic
Make mission resolutions realistic

In free mode, have police officers do traffic like speeding traps etc. and when their service will be needed, take them from the traffic work instead of from headquarters, by the way, during traffic work, missions might develop such as high speed pursuit, shooting, etc.
Get more units in police force like K-9 Unit, Detectives and equipment like Tasers, fire extinguishers, etc.
Make mod easy again

Now I will do my best so that the makers of this game will be able to read this review. If you, like me, think that the game has a fantastic idea and you have great ideas to improve the game, feel free to post them right below the article, so that if game makers will read this article, they will see your comment.
Graphics: 6
Action: 6
Realism: 3
Story: 1
Soundtrack: 6
Overall: 6

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