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Battlefield 4 PC Review

Battlefield 4 PC Review

Battlefield series has been on gamers market for a pretty long time. BF4 was heavily advertised all over the media. Does BF live to its $60 price tag value? Read full review...
You can't complain about the graphics. BF4 offers very high detailed graphics. I wished BF did more with graphics they offered. I missed some special effects, although there were good number of them. You have to understand though, good graphics is not everything a game needs. To play a game, number one priority any game has to offer is stability. Well, turns out BF4 lacked something they lacked in a previous game, BF3. They lacked stability.

Battlefield 4 PC Review

I beat the single player missions in about a week, but they game literally froze on me at least 5 times. I could expect it from a $5-$15 game, but from a $60 heavy advertised game? No way.

Now, before I go into the game itself, I'll first explain how I ordered. I went to the origin web site trying to pay for the game. Paypal payment did not go through. I had to first download the origin software and only then payment was accepted and I was able to download the game. To this day I don't know why BF would use origin instead of Steam, which is used by pretty much every game including Call of Duty, GTA, and Assassin's Creed.

Battlefield 4 PC Review

So on top of having Steam installed on my computer, I had to also installed Origin, just for one game. One year ago I did exactly the same thing for Battlefield 3, paying $60. That time I spend couple days just trying to get the BF3 installed on my computer. After playing single player, I was not impressed. Then when I tried to play multiplayer, I deleted the game for number of bugs and crashes the game offered. Due to numerous advertisements, I thought BF4 would be much more improved than BF3.

Battlefield 4 PC Review

So after I installed BF4, I started the game. Single player wasn't bad. I liked the graphics and may be couple months later, game would be updated and number of bugs and crashes would be greatly reduced. Speaking of gameplay, what I liked was that you can actually sneak on enemies and kill them with a knife. I think that addition is pretty cool. What I didn't like was the fact that most shots you do are simple headshots. I think BF4 offers way too good accuracy in a single player, making it too easy or too unrealistic.

Storyline was nothing special. I won't spoil the ending, but it’s similar to most action games. The storyline did have couple tweaks, which I liked. I also enjoyed number of shotguns the game offered.

Another thing I did not like about BF and Origin is to launch the game, you first have to go to Origin, which opens in an internet browser. May be some people like it, but I'd rather launch a game with a simple click on an icon.

Battlefield 4 PC Review

Now its time to go into multiplayer. It was pretty fun. There are number of missions you can do online. I liked the fact that there are dedicated servers and there are servers with rooms for up to 64 people. Speaking of bugs and crashes, BF4 gave me similar issues online. I was randomly kicked out of servers couple times in couple days. The loading window froze up on me couple times as well.
Now you might be wondering, why so many bugs for such a popular PC game? Well, from what I hear, the reason we deal with that crap is BF4 wanted to release their title before Call of Duty Ghosts, therefore, they did not finish all needed testing. I still remember when I played one of the single player missions, I was killed and was waiting for checkpoint reload. The game froze, so I restarted the computer. When I launched the game, it froze up at the same screen again. I had to restart my computer second time to get the game to work. It is not what I want to expect from a $60 game.

So my final conclusion of the game is = HUGE FAIL. I spent $60 on BF3 last year and was not able to play it well. Then I spent $60 on BF4 this year and deal with most issues that I had last year. Would I get BF5 when it comes out for $60? Absolutely NOT, unless it will be released on Steam.

What is your experience with the game? Feel free to post below for comments and any questions.

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