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The Stanley Parable PC Review

The Stanley Parable PC Review

This game has been rated well by many reviewers, but is it worth the money?
Well, first of all you don't have to worry about system requirements as graphics and engine of the game are very simple. Chances are pretty good that your computer will handle it.

The Stanley Parable PC Review

Throughout the game you play as an employee for some unknown company, who went to work on weekly basis. That day, he notices that he's the only one that is there. All of the sudden, you will hear a narrator and you pretty much follow his instructions. Throughout the game you will have choices as to turn left or right. Outcome of the game strictly depends on which way you go.

The Stanley Parable PC Review

The game is really confusing and did not make much sense. May be the game had a deep meaning saying that whatever turns you make in life will determine your outcome. I personally did not like the game and I beat it in less than one hour.

The game cost $15, which sounds cheap, but will last under one hour. It's up to you if you want to have a game where you need to walk around for sometime or spend more money and get something where you will actually have fun.

To me personally the game was a joke, I literally beat it in 15 minutes. Some people manage to play it for couple hours. May be I just got lucky or smart and went the correct way in the beginning. I went through the correct way on my 3rd try.

The Stanley Parable PC Review

I noticed that still, many people give this game 10 out of 10. Why? I am not sure. I don't recall any funny moments in the game. If you go the wrong way, you just start all over again with the same narrator saying the same thing.

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