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Gone Home PC Review

Gone Home PC Review

Gone Home is considered one of the top PC games in 2013. But what makes it so special to be on the top of the list?
Well, I'll provide an answer right away, the answer is nothing. The plot sounds interesting in the beginning. Girl comes home after been away for a year. She comes home, but her parents and sister are missing. Sounds like a good plot, but I would not even call this game a game.

There is absolutely no action, no challenge, no fun. You walk around the house looking for clues to help you understand what happened. It might be a SPOILER, but you will not find anybody. You may only find out what happened, that's all.

Gone Home PC Review

Now, the game cost about $20 at this time, which may sound like a good deal. I beat the whole game and looked at every clue in under 2 hours. Also, unlike most other games, you will not be interested in playing the game again. Graphics are horrible, looking like the game was made in 2000s.

Why was this game supposedly one of the best in 2013? I am really not sure, but possibly because the plot includes a lesbian girl coming out of closet. I really don't see anything else. Could it be because the game cost $20? Well I'd rather pay $60 for a game that will last couple weeks than $20 for a game for couple hours. Could it be because of original idea? The plot does sound fun, but when you really beat the game, you'll understand that there is nothing special with the plot.

I suppose some people saw some deep meaning in the whole plot. It is possible that they saw something else, but from my point of view, player goes home, can't find anyone, looking through the house, looks through shelves etc and later understands what happened. I don't know about you, but I don't like to spend 2 hours walking around looking for letters etc.

Gone Home PC Review

If all you want is a drama and some mystery, why not get a book or a couple for $20. You'll have way more drama and mystery there.

What I think they should of done is give this game out for free with some advertisement. That way they'll me way more players and their profit would be good as well.

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