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Life is Strange Review

Life is Strange Review

It is truly unusual game for a reasonable price, but is it really worth time and money.
Life is Strange got many good ratings and scores throughout gaming web sites all over the internet. I decided to take a look at it and play it myself.

Life is Strange Review

You play as a teenage girl, who somehow received a super power to move in time. Throughout the game, you will witness drama issues, which most girls in colleges face and you will witness murders etc, which not many girls witness in college.

Life is Strange Review

The game consists of 5 episodes. I started playing from first episode and played through middle of the second episode. For some reason I stopped playing and continue from the second episode. I guess I got bored in the beginning of second episode. When I continued to play, the game got better and I got addicted to it, beating it in just two more days.

Life is Strange Review


Life is Strange Review

To be honest, I was impressed with the graphics of the game. Not only animation works well, there are tons of visual effects that go well with the storyline. Score is 8 out of 10.


Life is Strange Review

Music couldn't be better in the game. Soundtrack always went hand in hand with the storyline. Score is 10 out of 10.


Life is Strange Review

I think there could be more action. There were several close calls that keep you awake, but I believe it would be even better if we see more Hollywood like action in the game. In some episodes, there was action, but I wished it was there more often.


One of the best things about the game is the story. As was mentioned before, you play as a teenage girl who somehow received a super power to move in time. Any choice you make in the game, will change the future, so most choices are important. The game also includes many mysteries, including a missing person. Throughout the game, you will be looking for clues to find the person, which makes the game much more entertaining. There were times when I was bored playing the game, but there were also times when I got emotionally attaching to the story. The story has a big deep meaning and ultimately you will enjoy the game as well. Score is 8 out of 10.


Well you move in travel, so there is nothing real about it, but emotions are as real as it gets.

Life is Strange Review

I believe currently the game goes for about $40.

Overall I really enjoyed playing the game, there were some sections I did not like and wish some story details would be modified, but still I enjoyed the time I had playing this game, especially since the game has a good meaning.

If you played the game, did you like it? Share your experience, but please no spoilers for other readers.

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