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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review

We all had issues with accessing files on a storage drive with files showing to be corrupt. Instead of sending your hard drive to a local repair shop, there is a solution.
Once in a while I have friends and family asking to help them out with flashcard full of pictures not working due to corrupt files errors. With softwares like MiniTool Power Data Recovery, getting images back (or most of them) is a simple task.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery software allows you to restore files deleted even from Recycle Bin, Recover data from CD/DVD, recover data from digital media, and most importantly recover data from damaged or even formatted partitions.

With that being said, remember, not all data can be recovered. MiniTool Power Date Recovery is the last attempt to recover what can be recovered, so there is no guarantee you will be able to get any or all of your data recovered.

I also checked MiniTool web site and it appears that they are professionals with data recovery. You will find tons of help there with any recovery issues you may have.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review

The software interface is very friendly and easy to understand. On the first screen you will have to choose what data you would like to recover and from there everything else is common sense.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review

There are several versions of the software.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review

Free version allows you to restore data up to 1GB, which at least is good enough to get to know the software.

Then goes Personal version (for one PC), which cost $69, which works like the free version, but with no size limitations.

Next version is for Windows Server users / Commercial Use (for one server). This one cost $119. If you are running server, I recommend using second server for back up, to avoid any data loss issues, but if you already have missing data issues, this version might help you out.

Finally, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software for company and business will cost you $299, but will work with unlimited PCs and servers. It must be used for one company though. If you want to use the software for unlimited companies, you will have to go with the Technician License, which will cost you $499.

One important tip, do not install the software on a damaged partition. Install it on good working partition and recover media from damaged or corrupt partition that way.

If you have an issue and need to recover data, I recommend to first do it with the free version and if you will need to extract more than 1GB of data, upgrade to the personal version.

Overall I am really impressed with MiniTool Power Data Recovery and I am keeping it on my must have programs for PC!

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