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Fall Out 4 Review

Fall Out 4 Review

It was my first experience with Fall Out series. I heard of the game before and new release was considered a big deal, but now finally I got to play the game.
Fall Out 4 Review

You play as a survivor of a nuclear war who has been freezed for several hundred years. In the process of it, you lose your wife and your child gets abducted. Eventually, you get out of the shelter and end up in a former city where there are more survivors and some strange animals. Your purpose is to find your child, which was abducted like 200 years ago, but at least in first several hours of the game, the child is not mentioned much.

Fall Out 4 Review

You can also customize how you or your wife looks in the game, but not sure what’s the purpose.


Fall Out 4 Review

I played the game on high graphic settings and was not really impressed with the graphics. They were not bad, but at this time I expected rich details and video effects, but instead graphics had nothing special. Score is 8 out of 10.


Fall Out 4 Review

There is tons of action and lots of weapons. Main problem I had with this is there is no tutorial. I didn't know how or why to build something. I didn't know I have to have some battery replacements for the armor. I had to youtube couple videos just to see how to do something and still I don't understand the game completely. Action is fun in the game, but there should be tutorial. Score is 9 out of 10.


Fall Out 4 Review

I don't even think there are any soundtracks. There is music, but it's hardly even noticeable and sounds random throughout the game. Score is 6 out of 10.


Fall Out 4 Review

As was mentioned before. You play pretty much post apocalypse game. You survived a nuclear attack staying in a a bunk. There are other survivors or their children or grand children. There are also animals or monsters. I am not a fan of games with monsters or anything like that, so I am biased. I played the game for couple days, but the story did not get me attached to the game. I wish there was more to the story, which would make you want so solve missions. Score is 6 out of 10.


Fall Out 4 Review

If there was nuclear attack in the world, may be there will be survivors and may be there will be weird animals etc. Also the year in the game is 2200, so there can be more weapons in that age, however, with most people dying, I doubt there would be that much technology. With that being said, the game can be considered realistic.

Fall Out 4 Review

I got the game on sale for about $40 through Steam. I personally did not enjoy the game, but nowadays I don't play much games anyway. Only best games get my attention and this one did not.

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