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Remember Me Review
06-30-2013, 20:58
I am sure, most of you never heard of a game Remember Me before, but the game is truly unique and worth wasting hours of your life time. Read full review…
Nissan Maxima Infiniti i35 P0720 Solution
06-24-2013, 18:53
If you have been driving on interstate for couple hours and then notice your transmission fails to switch a gear or if you got codes like P0720 or P1574, this article may be for you. Read full
Crysis 3 Review
06-16-2013, 16:01
Most people know Crysis by advanced graphics the game had to offer. Let’s see what Crysis 3 has to offer. Read full review…
My view on electric razors
06-16-2013, 12:56
Back in the days, I used to use Gillette 5 blade razors and decided to switch to electric razors in order to save time and money. Was that a good decision or not? Read full article.
Far Cry 3 Review
05-22-2013, 22:24
Far Cry series has been on the market for a while. I was always a fan of the games where you get to walk around and choose what to do. Does Far Cry 3 have what it takes? Read full Review…
MagicShine MJ-816 LED Bike Light Review
05-4-2013, 21:45
Flash light on a bike is a crucial tool for any bicyclist, especially if the ride takes place at night. Today we'll review a good and bright light made by MagicShine. Read full review...