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FHA vs Conventional
12-4-2013, 14:46
In this article, I'll go over my findings on what home mortgage will be a better solution for you. Read full article...
Call of Duty Ghosts PC Review
11-27-2013, 10:36
Most of you, if not every one of you, know Call of Duty series. They've been around since about 2004 or 2005. I still remember playing first one back when I was in high school. So does the new Call
EVGA GeForce GTX760 4GB Review
11-19-2013, 10:56
Today we have a rather nice video card for review. With this card, and obviously everything else, you'll be able to play any PC game with highest settings. Read full review...
Tomb Raider 2013 PC Review
11-17-2013, 21:18
Even though this is the first Tomb Raider game I played, I heard the title at least a dozen times. Whats the game like? Is it worth to spend money on it? Read full review...
Battlefield 4 PC Review
11-17-2013, 18:52
Battlefield series has been on gamers market for a pretty long time. BF4 was heavily advertised all over the media. Does BF live to its $60 price tag value? Read full review...
iPad Air Review
11-17-2013, 18:48
Well Apple once again introduced another model of the iPad, the iPad Air. The obvious question that might come to your mind, is it worth upgrading if you have an older model? Read full review...
My view on Dave Ramsey
11-17-2013, 18:43
If you did not hear of Dave Ramsey, you are losing a lot. Dave Ramsey is a Christian financial counselor or advisor. He has good ideas on money management. I agree with mostly everything with him,