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Why AT&T let's upgrade users to iPhone 4 so fast

Why AT&T let's upgrade users to iPhone 4 so fast

Some have been wondering, why did AT&T let everybody who got iphone in 2009 get the iphone 4 without waiting whole year? Here is my opinion. Read full article.
As many of you noticed, AT&T's reception gets worse and worse. Everybody is pissed of at the phone company. I used to
have cingular and it worked great. Then, cingular was merged in AT&T and after that reception was never as good as was with cingular and the same are the prices.

Why AT&T let's upgrade users to iPhone 4 so fast

The only reason I see AT&T letting customers upgrade to iphone 4 before the year period is because Apple is planning on signing one or couple contracts with other phone companies.

AT&T and Verizon have about same prices on everything, the only differences are AT&T features Roll Over minutes when Verizon gives a lot better reception. From what it seems to me, AT&T has the worst reception than any other major service providers.

So it is possible that soon iPhone 4 will be available to other provides, but should you wait or not? In my opinion its not worth to wait because even if its possible that in the beggining of 2011 iphone will be available on another mobile provider, it will be possible to either cancel membership with AT&T for couple hundred dollars or you even might cancel it for free if you sign up with another service providers.

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