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IPhone 4G uncovered

IPhone 4G uncovered

We got some information regarding new iPhone 4G or iPhone 5. We are not giving you 100% whether this information is true, but that’s what our sources told us.
Well, here is what we got about the new iPhone. There is possibility that all of this information is not correct, but it’s a lot more likely than what you read on other web sites. At the end of the article I will explain what WILL NOT and WHY NOT could be present on the new iPhone.

1. New iPhone will be called iPhone 4G because of the new 4G network support

2. New iPhone will have 4G network

3. New iPhone will have dual core processor, possibly the same as in iPad 2

IPhone 4G uncovered

4. Just like in iPhone 4, iPhone 4G will have black and white colors

5. In the back of the iPhone, there will be 3D HD camcorder with bigger flash

IPhone 4G uncovered

6. Back of the iPhone will have better quality camera with more powerful flash

7. In the front, camera will have quality of the iPhone 4 rear camera and will also have flash

IPhone 4G uncovered

8. LED screen will be better quality and more resistant to scratches and better protection from falls etc.

IPhone 4G uncovered

9. New iPhone’s speakers will be even better quality than on iPhone 4

10. Design most likely will be the same; however, there might be some modifications

Now I will explain to you something that will NEVER be on iPhones. Most sites said that this feature will be on next iPhone, however, that will never happen.

1. External battery – iPhone makes good money on replacing the battery. Also, inside battery makes iPhone’s design a lot better and more compact. There is no way EVER that iPhone will make battery external.

IPhone 4G uncovered

2. Bigger screen – For over four years iPhone has been making the same screen size. All apps and iOS is designed for one screen size. If iPhone will change the screen size, it will have to change iOS and all apps will have to be changed as well.

3. Card Slot – iPhone loves to work by itself and not have any 3rd party options on the phone. You can’t have file explorer function from windows phones on iPhone because you can’t use file explorer on iPhones period. If you can’t use file explorer on iPhone, there is no point at all for card slot in iPhone.

IPhone 4G uncovered

That’s it. Please leave your comments about what you think will be or not in the next iPhone and why. In my opinion, iPhone will be released in September

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