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Apple Keyboard Review (Bluetooth)

Apple Keyboard Review (Bluetooth)

In this review, we are going to take a look at Apple keyboard, the design is awesome and we'll discus any pros and cons. Read full review...
Apple Keyboard Review (Bluetooth)

Design of this keyboard is purely awesome. It looks like the keyboard is made of aluminum and buttons are made of plastic. Button response is great too. I am typing this review right now on my iPad with this keyboard. It's tough to explain how exactly keyboard looks, but pictures will do most explanation. Back of the keyboard is covered in plastic with apple logo. Keyboard if very thin and back of the keyboard has place for two batteries. Apple uses two AA batteries that last for a really long time. I had this keyboard for over a year and it's still works great.

Apple Keyboard Review (Bluetooth)

The price of this keyboard will cost you some fortune. I paid $80 for this, but now price is $69, which is really not bad for a high quality keyboard. What's good about these keyboards is you can choose two languages on one keyboard. Currently there are 15 keyboards that Apple offers. If you want to type in another language, your only options is to get keyboard with buttons in two languages or buy stickers. Stickers won't last long, so only good option is board with two languages.

Apple Keyboard Review (Bluetooth)

Now only thing I didn't like in this keyboard is small left shift button. If you get english only keyboard, you would not encounter the problem. All other 14 keyboards have that problem. Initially it took me some time to get used to small shift button as I would always mistype and instead of shit will press on "`". But like I said before, it takes time to get used to it and after that it works flawlessly.

Apple Keyboard Review (Bluetooth)

So no complains at all whatsoever. I had this keyboard for a year and no issues at all. I heard people had connectivity problems and battery usage, but I never encountered those.

Apple Keyboard Review (Bluetooth)

What about you? How's it working for you? Any questions? Better keyboards? Leave a comment!

Product gets Editor's Choice for unique design, superior performance, and compatibility.

Apple Keyboard Review (Bluetooth)
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