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Factory iPhone Unlock

Factory iPhone Unlock

Did you know that you can get a factory unlocked iPhone and not paying $650 for it? There is a way to factory unlock your iPhone by using some other services instead of buying iPhone for full retail price. Read full article.
Before going anywhere, first you have to think, do you really need factory unlock? There are only couple reasons to consider unlocking your device. First one is travel, if you are leaving your state and plan on going to another country and get yourself a temporary SIM card, unlock is great option. Only other alternatives would be jailbreak your phone (which causes bugs) and buying another phone (which may be expensive or cheap phone with less functions).

Another good reason is if you are buying iPhone from someone and would like to use it on your network (Tmobile for example). This is definitely a good reason as if you will jailbreak your iPhone, you will have to deal with some bugs.

Final reason is if you sell your iPhone. If you go on amazon, you will notice that price of a factory unlocked iPhone is much higher, so it may be good investment to unlock your iPhone before putting it on sale.

Now you might be wondering, how is it possible to do a factory unlock? The way it works is companies that perform factory unlock know people that work for various mobile networks that have special restrictions to unlock your phone by IMEI numbers. Is it legal? Refer to state and federal laws, but I don't think it is illegal, besides there are number of places that perform these unlocks and the companies are still open.

Now, if you decided to do factory unlock on your iPhone, read the following. Be sure you know the site or company that will unblock your iPhone. There are number of scammers online that will just take your money, if not your credit card.

I got mine unlocked through . It is not the cheapest price on the market, but it definitely works. I'd rather pay little more, but be sure that it will work. I paid about $47 to unlock iPhone 5 on AT&T. Here is how you do it, you let them know your IMEI number and email, then you pay for unlock with your credit card. Later, they may ask you to verify your credit card by sending picture of your credit card with numbers crossed with your finger. After that, you should get email shortly stating that your iPhone has been unlocked.

Factory iPhone Unlock

Then what you have to do is go to iTunes. If you have another random Micro or Macro SIM card (depends on iPhone), insert it in your iPhone and connect your phone to iTunes. That should complete unlock process. If that didn't work, go to iTunes with your iPhone connected. Back up your data, then do factory restore. Your iPhone should be unlocked at this point and you'll be able to restore your iPhone to the back up you just created.

If it didn't work (and you did it through officialiphoneunlock), you can just call them up and they will respond immediately.

So if you decided to go for unlock, once again, be careful where you go. If you not sure about a company that does the unlock, go to officialiphoneunlock as it worked flawlessly for me. I'll include their banner below.

Factory iPhone Unlock

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, just leave them here below this post.

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