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Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

I recently got a chance to look at somewhat unique product, Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader. If you have an iOS device, you can use the reader to view your audio, video, and text files by connecting your iOS device to the Reader via Wi-Fi. Does Adotop have what it takes? Read full review…
Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

Well, in case you still don’t really understand how the device works, you use Adotop DW09 as a router. Install Wi-Reader app via apple store. Then connect your SD card or a flash drive to the DW09 device and turn the device on. After about 30 seconds, connect to the DW09 via Wi-Fi (using iOS device).

Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

The device works on self-powered battery, which lasts up to 3 hours. The battery can be charged just by connected Wi-Reader to your computer or any USB charging base.

Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

I was able to play videos mp4, audios, and access documents with no issues using SD card or flash drive. Keep in mind though, USB powered hard drives do not appear to work. I tried, but could not see any files on the Wi-Reader app.

You can use up to 3 iOS devices that can access the Wi-Reader at the same time. You can also back up all your pictures on iPhone or iPad to your SD card or Flash drive.

Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

The device can also be used to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Good example would be a hotel room with Ethernet cable. All you need to do is connect the Ethernet cable to the Wi-Reader and you’re good to go.

Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

With the information I gave you so far, I’m sure you have a basic idea now on what you can do and cannot do with the device. Pretty much you can’t use the device to watch whole bunch of movies via hard drive with lots of movies there, but if you are traveling on a plane or a car, you can connect a flash drive with movie or two and watch them for 3 hours. Now the bad part, from my experience, you can ONLY play mp4 files.

Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

iPad trying to play a wmv file

I hope that it’s a bug or something, but if it is a reality that you can play only mp4, I sure hope Adotop will come up with a fix or with a new device.

Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

iPhone trying to play an avi file

The current price tag of the device is $95. Now let’s just cover the pros and cons.

Adotop DW09 Wi-Reader Review

Simple to use
Ability to back up all photos
Built in battery

Only plays mp4 files
Does not read self-powered hard drives (at this time)

Well, that’s it so far for this review. In my opinion, the box can be quite useful, if you’re ready to convert every single file you want to watch to mp4 format. If you want to watch any type of video file, you might have to consider other options that come with much bigger price tag. However, if your main reason to have the box is to transfer and view pictures from your camera, Apotop DW9 will be just an item you need!

I would like to thank Apotop for supplying BestPCReviews with the product for review.

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