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» » Nest got itself an owner

Nest got itself an owner

Nest got itself an owner

Yes, it happened. Somebody finally got Nest. Take a guess who is the buyer, well probably you know by now.
We all expected and some were hoping that Apple will buy the Nest company, a company known for cool, simple, yet amazing products.

It seemed that Nest was just waiting for an offer from Apple, an offer that never happened. Google made something Apple should have done a long time ago. Google buys Nest for $3.2 Billion in cash.

Nest got itself an owner

Is it bad news for Apple consumers? Well, not necessary. Nest still has Tony Fadell as it's CEO. According to Tony Fadell, which Google support, Nest will be in a better place to make simple and thoughtful devices to make life easier at home.

Look at it from a different perspective Apple fans. With Google's money, Nest will be able to make much more cool products. Will they work with Apple? I would say they will as Google would like to take extra profit from Nest consumers.

Besides don't forget that Google has it's own technology that can and probably will be used in future Nest products. It sounds to me like it's a win win situation for everybody. Would it be better for Apple consumers if Nest remain independent? I would say no as with Google there will be more products that will work with Android and iOS. Would it be better for Apple consumers if Nest belonged to Apple? I think the obvious answer is yes. Nothing wrong with more compatibility and as with Google, more products would be very possible.

Nest got itself an owner

I personally saw Nest working with Apple due to their simple yet thoughtfully designed products. However, Google got it and let's hope and wait for new Nest products.

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