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Apple now

Apple now

In this article we'll quickly review where Apple is going.
In the first couple years of iPhones, Apple stocks were going up rapidly. In 2012, when iPhone 5 was released, Apple had it's peak, share price of $705.07. Some people thought it was beginning, but unfortunately is was possibly an end of Apple, at least end of $700 shares.

In my opinion, the reason Apple went up as high was because everybody wanted from Apple an iPhone with bigger screen. In 2012, iPhone came with a bigger screen and LTE. That is everything Apple fans wanted, therefore, stocks went up.

Now what do we have now? Apple fans do not even know what they really want on the next iPhone. iPads are also nearly perfect and there is not much to improve. It is clear that Apple lacks original ideas at this time.

Last new device was iPad, which came out nearly 4 years ago. Apple has to either make new ideas into devices, or simply buy companies with bright ideas and devices.

Apple now

Unfortunately Apple failed to do both. They failed to buy TESLA, cool fully electric vehicles brand. Back in the days TESLA stocks were at $50s, now they are up to $180s. Apple can still buy TESLA, but it is unknown whether it will at this time.

Apple now

Another company Apple should of, but failed to buy is NEST. NEST is the company that made cool thermostats and smoke detectors with full Apple iOS integration and Android integration. Since Apple failed to buy them, Google made the purchase. Another fail for Apple.

Apple has a lot of money and it is unknown what they are waiting for. Maybe someone else will buy TESLA or TESLA will run by itself, but what can Apple do now? Well, there is a possibility that they will make an iWatch or iTV, but so far there is nothing. People investing in Apple can only hope for the best and possibly look for another way to invest their money.

While Apple's stocks going up and down, down been more common, Google stocks are going up at solid paste. Right now they are at $1187, doubling Apple.

Apple now

What's your opinion? Is that a good time to invest in Apple? What should Apple do to save their shareholders? What do you think about Google?

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