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Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review

Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review

Today we have a truly unique product for review. We have a weather station made for your home.
Well, if you are wondering what exactly weather station does, it provides temperature and other weather conditions outside and inside your house through your android or iOS device.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review

That was a basic description of the product. Now you might be thinking, there are plenty of online services that will give you outside temperature and inside temperature you can see on your thermostat. Well, it may be true, but Netatmo Urban Weather Station provides you with more than just temperature.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review

The package arrived in a nice friendly box. The packaging actually reminded me of Apple products.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review

There are two weather station towers. One is taller and other one is shorter. The taller one stays inside and the shorter one goes outside. You'll also get manual, cable and plug for tall tower, and accessories for the shorter one to attach it outside.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review

So far the product works great! On one screen it shows temperature outside on top and inside on the bottom. It works via wi-fi or mobile internet connection, but keep in mind that the towers do require a wifi connection.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review

Well, let's see what exactly the weather station checks. Well, first of all temperature, outside and inside. Netatmo also checks the following:

Current weather - it tells you whether its raining, foggy, sunny etc.

Outdoor temperature - checks temperature outside

Outdoor humidity - checks humidity outside

Feels like - tells what temperature it feels like outside

Outdoor air quality - tells you how good is the air outside, if there is pollution etc

Indoor comfort - is computed from indoor temperature, humidity, CO2, and acoustic comfort. The level will change if the temperature is too hot or cold, too noisy, too dry etc

Indoor CO2 level - shows level of CO2 inside

Indoor temperature - checks temperature inside

Indoor humidity - checks humidity inside

Pressure - sea level pressure

Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review

Your data will be saved and you can review later the temperature and humidity changes at certain times and help you determine what needs to be done to achieve best results for the environment of your home.

Another pretty cool, I guess, feature is you can actually see around the world a good number of the weather stations. Here is the link

You can also buy up to three additional weather station towers. Do you need them? In my honest opinion, I believe one weather station inside your house will do just fine.

Now you might be thinking if the weather station needs to be on your nightstand or not. I think it depends on your budget and interest in weather. The unit cost about $179. Without the unit you would not know the pressure, humidity (maybe), and CO2 level of your house.

So get this if you can afford the unit and actually care about the weather and possibly your health. Do not get this if you are living paycheck to paycheck and get the basic weather information from some mainstream website.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station Review

The unit performs exceptionally well with what Netatmo said it does. The setup was very simple and it took me around 5 minutes to set everything up. It is a good buy if you need what the weather station offers.

You can also watch a video about the weather station and read more information at the Official Manufacturer's web site

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