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Apple Event

Apple Event

Well, it happened. On March 21, 2016, there was another announcement and conference hosted by Apple. Nowadays most information is known way before the actual announcement date. So here is what Apple introduced.
I'll jump to the announcements.

iPhone SE

Apple Event

I am actually happy Apple decided to keep 4" iPhone. I have been using iPhone 6 for a while and still can't decide if it's size is better than older iPhone 5. The design of iPhone SE appears identical to iPhone 5s, but all features and specs are identical to iPhone 6s. One thing that is missing in iPhone SE is 3D touch. So if it is really important for you, you will not get it with the new 4” iPhone.

As mentioned earlier, features are very similar to iPhone 6s, including A9 chip and 12MP iSight camera.

As always, Apple used "the most powerful ever" quote, which really means nothing and is getting old. Pretty much, performance of 4" iPhone now is identical to other current iPhones. 4K video recording is a nice addition, but I with it would be more common in other electronic devices, including Apple TV.

I was also excited to find out that iPhone SE 32gb goes for only $399 and 64gb for $499.

iPad Pro

Apple Event

Another pretty good product. iPad Pro is now available in two sizes, including standard 9.7 inch. To me personally the 12.9" model was too big, unless it can actually benefit you for work related needs.

I like the fact that there are 4 speakers on the unit, but I never used iPad to listen to music and even if I do, I use Bose Bluetooth speaker for that.

It might be cool to use the iPad with pen or keyboard, but keep in mind that it will cost you good amount of money.

Interesting to note is for now iPad Pro 9.7 version actually has better cameras in front and back. Front is 5mp and back is 12mp. In first iPad Pro 12.9 you get front camera 1.2mp and rear 8mp.

iPad Pro 9.7 32gb model starts at $599, which is not a bad option.

iOS 9.3

Updated Operating System for iPhones and iPads is out now. There are not many new features, but most impressive one is Night Shift. Pretty much when you are about to go sleep, your product's screen will be more yellowish color. As studies have shown blueish light will make it harder for you to fall asleep. Now you can set your phone or tablet to switch it's screen light to yellowish color after sunset or some other way, helping you fall asleep at night easier.

News app will work better. I personally did not use News app as much, but with the update, news will be somehow connected to your interests. You will also be able to password protect your notes in the Notes app. There are also small updated to Car play and Health app.

Apple Watch

Apple Event

No, there is no new Apple Watch. But you will get several new bands for your Watch and most importantly, price of the Watch is reduced by $50.

Apple TV

Apple Event

Not many updates, besides that now it works even better with Siri, that there are more apps, and that you can now store apps in folders.

I believe this is it. It seems to me that Apple is either running out of ideas or storing something interesting for the fall. I also think it would be nice if Apple makes something more creative with their presentations. I like them overall, but I think it's getting old calling their new product "It's the most powerful product ever" at every presentation.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below!
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