iPhone 5 rumors

I'll just gonna say a feature and then how likely it is to be on the new phone.

iPhone 5 rumors

4G - Apple fans have been waiting for this feature for a while now. I was expecting it in iPhone 4s, but it did not make it. I thought that we will have to wait till next iPhone, but the new iPad came with 4G. There is 99% chance that it will be on the new iPhone. I'd say even 99.99%.

iPhone 5 rumors

Bigger screen - will it happen? In my opinion, there is possibility, but probably not. Even though there is a lot of people that want bigger screen, Apple does not like to change feature like that. For example, there is a good number of people that would like to see 7 inch iPad, will it ever happen? Probably not. I would say, if they will increase the screen size, it won't be by much, possibly make the screen a little taller. I'd say 35% is a chance here.

iPhone 5 rumors

New connector - there is possibility. Why would Apple use the same connector for 10 years. May be its time to change. May be new connector would be magnetic like on MacBooks. May be it will be much smaller and charge devices a lot faster. I'd go with 30% chance here.

iPhone 5 rumors

Thinner phone - Apple should come up with new design and I would say it will be thinner that the current phone. I would give 70% chance here.

New design - unless the phone will be called 4gs, there will be a new design. I'd give it 95% chance.

Strong case - hopefully iPhone will have much stronger case with protection on the corners so the next time you drop your phone, screen wouldn't be messed up.

Better camera - probably, they have been doing it with pretty much every single phone. 65% chance

Flash - nope, not gonna happen. 1% chance

SD card slot - NEVER EVER

Removable battery - NEVER EVER

What would you like to see on the new iPhone? What features do you think it will have?