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Apple Ipod Nano 7th Generation Review
01-3-2013, 17:33
Along with new Apple iPads and iPhones, Apple released new iPod Nano, which looks somewhat like iTouch, but with much less functions and little cheaper price. Is it worth getting it? Read full
Arctic Sound S111 Review
12-30-2010, 13:54
Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to watch movie or a religious sermon with your friends through a laptop, but the laptop’s speakers were not loud enough? Fortunately there is a
ProClip Mount for Ipod
12-8-2010, 13:38
Recently I got myself a new ride and as some of you, I encounter with a problem. There is no way to put iPod output on my car because it is Infiniti with BOSE sound system. I would not spend money to
Ipod Video vs. Ipod Classic
07-6-2008, 18:45
Since my Ipod Video got broken couple days ago, I brought Ipod Classic that looks just like Ipod Video. In this review I’ll try to explain you what is the difference between them and why you
Samsung P2
12-22-2007, 23:24
Samung released a nice mp3 player with unique features. Read full article.
Ipod Touch
10-8-2007, 07:42
Ipod touch is a new product that was made by Apple. It came out month ago, on September 5, 2007.