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Ipod Video vs. Ipod Classic

Ipod Video vs. Ipod Classic

Since my Ipod Video got broken couple days ago, I brought Ipod Classic that looks just like Ipod Video. In this review I’ll try to explain you what is the difference between them and why you shouldn’t ever buy an Ipod Video. Read full review…
Ipod Video vs. Ipod Classic

I’ll start with the story of my old Ipod Video. I had it for about 18 month, then when listening to the music in my car, Ipod started to give weird scratching sounds and sound went away. I thought the problem is in Belkin FM Transmitter, I tried using Ipod Mini on the FM transmitter and it worked fine. Also Ipod Video gives same problems using headphones. I tried to fix it by reformatting the Ipod Video, but it didn’t help me at all. I went to apple forum and there are a lot of users that are having same problem, Apple will not help you unless your Ipod is still under warranty and if I am not mistaking, you going to have to pay $30.

The new Ipod Classic I brought for $250 at BestBuy. The Ipod itself doesn’t look very different from Ipod Video. The main difference is the space it can have. Ipod Video is available in 30GB and 60GB and Ipod Classic available in 80GB and 160GB. There is some difference in Interface, but it’s useless, for example, there is new feature called Search. In my opinion, it will be faster to find mp3 you need by browsing playlists than typing the name using couple buttons. Infact, Ipod Classic will be kind of confusing, since for weird reason, the main screen will have half of it picture of some album. But all in all, 80GB Ipod Classic is a good buy for $250.

Ipod Video vs. Ipod Classic

You can buy used Ipod Video for about $150, new Ipod Classic will cost you $250. In my opinion, Ipod Classic would be definatelly best choice, even though its new features are useless, its probably not going to give you defects like Ipod Video gave to me and many other users.

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