Apple Ipod Nano 7th Generation Review

Design on this device is definitely awesome. Its super thin and comes in eight colors. Side button is looks almost identical to buttons on apple headphones, with center button for play and pause function. The device comes with home button, just like iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. Just like any new Apple devices, iPod Nano comes with Lightning port.

Apple Ipod Nano 7th Generation Review

Speaking of dimensions, the Nano is 3 inches tall, one and a half inches wide, and 0.21 inch thick.

Touch screen is good, but if you used iPhones and iPads for awhile, you will miss the retina display.

Apple included EarBuds with the iPod. The only thing that the headphones are lacking is the controls that available on iPhone headphones version. The sound quality is definitely better than previous Apple headphones, but are good only for entry level headphones.

iPod Nano 7G comes with good amount of features (including radio, clock, etc.) that are also available on previous generations, but now it also includes Bluetooth. Bluetooth 4.0 is what the iPod has and exact same Bluetooth come on iPhone. Even though quality is not superior, you will not notice difference between bluetooth and corded sound quality over entry or mid level headphones.

iPod Nano 7G also comes with electronic pedometer, which may be useful for people that exercise on a daily basis.

Overall iPod Nano is a pretty cool MP3 player, which can be a good addition to an exercise.

Apple Ipod Nano 7th Generation Review

Here is the main problem, iPod Nano 7G goes for $150. You can get iPod Touch for under $200. There is only $50 difference and let's see what we can do with iTouch. Well just wi-fi and apple store is already a great addition. Besides that you can camcorder and really you can do a lot with iTouch including Pandora and Skype and all that for only $50 more.

Even if you use iPod only for exercise. You'll be able to find tons of apps and use them on iTouch rather than regular iPod Nano.

Overall I'd say Nano worth $100, not more than that.