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MagicShine MJ-818 LED Bike Taillight Review

MagicShine MJ-818 LED Bike Taillight Review

You may be reading this review because you brought a new bike and after riding couple days, you noticed that something missing, a taillight. Day by day, bicyclists get hit on the road and you want something visible behind your seat. Does MagicShine has what you need? Read full review...
I looked through lots of options when it comes to taillights. There are two most important ones. First of all is the price, I have seen tail lights going for over $100. May be its all right if the light has tail light, strobes, rechargeable batteries, and a switch for handlebar. Unfortunately, I am talking about basic lights. Only good thing about them was brightness. Second, I need the light to be bright. When I say bright, I mean that the light should be clearly visible in daylight as well.

MagicShine MJ-818 LED Bike Taillight Review

Those two options are my priority when choosing taillights for bicycle. There are other options that can be useful as well. Rechargeable battery is pretty important and cool stuff. I am not going to explain what it does as it is pretty self-explanatory. Another important option (in my opinion) is switch that can be mounted on handlebar. Unfortunately so far I was not able to find a SINGLE taillight with handlebar switch. If you find one, feel free to post it in the comments section below.

MagicShine MJ-818 LED Bike Taillight Review

Anyways, today I am reviewing MagicShine MJ-818. Main reason I got the light was because its quite affordable and is pretty bright.

MJ-818 came with pretty good and self explanatory instructions. I was able to attach the light in under 5 minutes. I ordered my light on amazon without the battery and battery charger as I ordered MJ-816 with the battery.

After connecting all needed wires where they belong, I was pleased to see the setup. Light is really bright and can be visible in the daylight. It has three modes. To trigger modes, just turn the outer ring clockwise (always twist the light clockwise, I'll explain you later why). First mode is blinking, all light does is blinking with full power. This mode is good for daylight. Second mode is inner circle blinking and then the outer circle blinking. In my opinion, this mode is great for night time as it will save battery life and you won't need to have lights working full power at night. Third mode is constant on. This one may be good for day or night and I believe this one will drain battery fastest. No matter which mode you will use, the rechargeable battery should last you over a week, if not more, if all you use is the taillight.

MagicShine MJ-818 LED Bike Taillight Review

As I mentioned before, brightness is definitely great. Now lets look at the price. If you want to get the light with battery and battery charger, light will cost you about $45. Now, if you decided to go with just the light because you want to connect the light to some existing battery or you did like me and brought a MJ-816 with the battery, the light will cost much cheaper. I paid only $25 on amazon for mine.

Now you probably think we got a perfect light here, but jail wait. There are possible cons. Reason I am saying possible is because I did not experience any cons yet, but did read complaints that the light may stop working and you might need to solder some wires. It is also recommended to twist outer circle only clockwise to reduce the chances of breaking the light.

MagicShine MJ-818 LED Bike Taillight Review

So from my point of view, light is great. I got lots of compliments when using the light. There is a chance that the light will fail, but if it will, I will try to fix it and will definitely update you with fix guides and any other changes.

Oh yeah, here is the video:

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