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» » Ukraine, Is Bulatov's story true or fake

Ukraine, Is Bulatov's story true or fake

Ukraine, Is Bulatov's story true or fake

This subject has nearly nothing to do with the site, but I believe we should cover it. I am sure you heard of Dmytro Bulatov, who allegedly was kidnapped and tortured in Ukraine by people with Russian accents. We'll briefly cover what we know about the incident and if it is true or not.
Well, let's start by saying what we know. Well, truth is we don't know much. According to Bulatov and his friends, Bulatov (who is in charge of protest group in Ukraine) was kidnapped on January 22 by unknown people. He said he was beaten, part of his ear got sliced, and he was nailed to a door. Bulatov said he is not sure who kidnapped him, but they had Russian accents. According to Bulatov, he was kidnapped for 8 days, and later dumped in a forest, where he got help and called his friends.

Ukraine, Is Bulatov's story true or fake

Well, that's pretty much what allegedly happened. Now, couple things that look suspicious. If it was someone from other side of Ukraine or may be even Russians. What was the purpose of that captivity? According to Bulatov, he was dumped in the forest, so whoever captured him, they did not plan to kill him. If it was Russia or perhaps other side of Ukraine, what was the purpose? Did that "capture" help anybody? If it did help anyone, it was only to the opposition. According to CBSNEWS, "I would like to tell you that we will not be frightened we have no intention to stop," Bulatov said. So I honestly don't see any purpose for the Russians or Yanukovich to kidnap someone for 8 days and then releasing him.

Now, you might say, where is police investigation? According to THE GUARDIAN "Both Bulatov and Hrytsenko are on a wanted list for organising mass disturbances, and a spokesperson for the interior ministry told Ukrainian media he believed it was possible that Bulatov had staged his own kidnapping: "This could have been staged as a provocation, in order to create negative emotions in society," said Oleg Tarasov. He added it was also possible that Bulatov had been kidnapped over a financial issue."

As you can see, Bulatov was organizing mass disturbances and it is possible that he staged his kidnapping to possibly avoid jail sentence and to raise opposition power.

Then, we should think who would kidnap Bulatov? If it was Ukrainian forces, why would they keep him alive? So that Bulatov would tell everyone the story and opposition become more powerful? Now, if it was Russians, as Bulatov said that the suspects had Russian accents. Who in the world would that be? Do you think Putin would send someone from Moscow to kidnap a guy and then let him go?

It is known that Ukrainian Law Enforcement is investigating the kidnapping. So far Bulatov is not cooperating. He is not answering any questions to law enforcement and is not answer any questions to anybody. All we now is his initial statements.

We have no evidence to any crime at this time, therefore, in my opinion it is a staged kidnapping, unless we'll have solid evidence later. We know that Ukraine Law Enforcement is investigating the claim at this time.

Ukraine, Is Bulatov's story true or fake

You may be wondering, what is this article doing on best pc reviews page. I just wanted my readers to understand how it works. You can't believe what one person tells you. Statements have to be confirmed by sources and evidence. Just because one person says he was kidnapped, it does not mean he was. The only way to find out is to have much evidence and have law enforcement involved. They are trained on how to do the investigation like this. Now, Bulatov may say he does not trust Ukrainian Law Enforcement. Keep in mind that EU and USA are watching that claim too and I believe Ukraine will be obligated to do the investigation with EU and USA involved. If Ukraine will fake the police report, they will get busted sooner or later, but when there is a claim of a crime, law enforcement is the only agency that is trained on the investigation nature.

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