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Tuniq Potency 550W Review

Tuniq Potency 550W Review

Since PC Hardware getting better and faster, it requires a nice, powerful power supply. Let’s take a look at Tuniq Potency 550W power supply and see if it can handle modern computer. Read full review…
Tuniq Potency 550W Review

Tuniq Potency 550W Review

Tuniq Potency 550W came in nice simple package as you can see in the picture. It includes power supply, manual, cable ties, mounting screws, and Molex Y cable. Package smells like new :)

Tuniq Potency 550W Review

Tuniq Potency 550W Review

1 * 20+4Pin Mainboard
2 * PCI Express (1 * 6Pin, 1 * 6+2Pin)
1 * 4Pin Molex Y Cable
4 * 4Pin Molex
1 * 4Pin FDD
4 * SATA
1 * 8Pin EPS12V
1 * 4Pin P412V

Tuniq offers a variety of protection for the computer.
Over/Under Voltage Protection (OVP/UVP)
When the output voltage exceeds the spec defined below, the power supply shall be latched into the status of shutdown.

DC Output UVP (Min) OVP (Max)
+5V0 3.9V 7.0V
+3V3 2.8V 4.3V
+12V 8.0V 15.6V

Over Current Protection (OCP)
Overload current applied to each tested output rail will cause output trip before they reach or exceed 110% - 150% for testing purposes. Over load current shall be ramped at a minimum rate of 10A/s starting from full load.

Short Circuit Protection
When any set of DC output is in short circuit, the power supply shall be latched into the status of shutdown in order to protect the circuits and components from being damaged.

Over Load Protection
When the total output exceeds 130-150% of max load limit, the power supply shall be latched into the status of shutdown to prevent components from being damaged.

Tuniq Potency 550W Review

• 80 Plus certificated
• SLI certificated
• Active PFC
• Full Circuit Protection (Listed above)
• 3-year warranty

The size of the unit is 140 x 150 x 86 mm

Tuniq Potency 550W Review

Results after testing:
PSU-POT550-BK is a nice unit from Tuniq. It is nice that it comes with switch on the back. Also, this unit automatically converts from 220 or 110 output, so you don’t have to worry about changing the voltage if you moving to another country. 120 mm silent fan blows hot air away pretty good. The only thing I didn’t like is that the box specifies that the unit is 80% efficiency when the manual says that it’s about 70%, but later I have found that on the official 80 PLUS Web site, this unit became certified.

The unit goes for about $90, which is pretty good deal.

Good PFC (Power Efficiency)
Works Quiet
Smells like new
Good Price
Chooses output type automatically
3 – Year warranty
Full Circuit Protection


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