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Sapphire Pure Black X58 Review

Sapphire Pure Black X58 Review

You might be surprised, but yes, it is Sapphire motherboard with Intel chipset. Before you would never see Sapphire make any motherboards for Intel as they were AMD oriented. Sapphire Pure Black X58 is one of the most beautiful and fast motherboards on the market. Read full review
Before I go on, motherboard PB-CI7S41X58 is great because its X58 chipset. P67 chipset did not perform well and currently is unavailable. This motherboard based on X58 chipset and is for socket 1366.

The name of the motherboard explains its style by itself. It comes in a black box. Inside of the box you will find black envelopes, letters, etc. The motherboard itself is mostly black, but has coupe blue colors on it. SATA wires for the mainboard are in black color as well. Sapphire did fantastic job in design of the motherboard.

Sapphire Pure Black X58 Review

Here are some specs about the board:

CPU Supports Intel LGA1366: Intel Core i7 Series processors
Chipset Intel® X58 Express Chipset + ICH10R Chipset
6 slots 240-pin DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600+ non-ECC,un-buffered memory
24 GB Max.
Expansion Slots
3 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots
1 x 32-bit PCI slots
1 x PCI Express x16 slots
2 x Serial ATA III 6Gb/s connectors
5 x Serial ATA II 3Gb/s connectors
Audio Realtek ALC892 HD Audio CODEC with 8-Channel
Rear Panel I / O
8 x USB 2.0 port
2 x USB 3.0 port
1 x 1394a port
1 x SPDIF Coaxial OUT
1 x Audio I / O ports
1 x SPDIF Optical Out
0 x Supporting Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR by Atheros AR3011
1 x e-SATA port
PS/2 KB/MS combo port
Control (Front) panel headers
SPDIF In/out header
1 x 1394a headers
Special Features
Voltage measure PAD
Power on Button with Power LED
Reset Button with HDD access LED
Clear CMOS button
Diagnostic LED with CPU temperature monitor
Dual BIOS with select Jumpers or switch
100% Japanese Solid Capacitor
Form Factor
ATX Size 12" x 9.6"

Sapphire Pure Black X58 Review

This board is packed with cool features. One of the best features is LED that displays CPU temperature. Bluetooth is also supported, although it’s not very needed for desktop users. I liked the fact that there was USB 3.0 available on this board. Sapphire did a great job balancing the number of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, putting eight 2.0s and only two 3.0s as most electronics are still using USB 2.0.

As was mentioned hundreds of times, I hate overclocking, but this motherboard would be great choice for all overclocking fans as it does a great job at putting your CPU to the limits.

If you are NVidia video card fan and want to use two or more cards at the same time on this board, this motherboard will not make you happy. However, if you are into using ATI video cards, you can put three cards together using CrossFire technology. If you are gamer or a video editor, or any other editor, using three monitors at the same time might be very helpful and fun for your necessity.

Sapphire Pure Black X58 Review

So we know that the motherboard offers outstanding performance and beautiful style. The price of this board is kind of expensive, $260. But keep in mind that this is brand new chipset; therefore, we know that after couple months, price of those boards will drop down dramatically. If you are like me, you can wait, if you can’t wait to get new toy, go for it because you won’t be disappointed with the performance, style, and tons of cool features.

USB 3.0
3 CrossFire

Sapphire Pure Black X58 Review

This motherboard gets Editor’s Choice Award because of its style and performance

Sapphire Pure Black X58 Review

Sapphire Pure Black X58 Site

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