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Corsair 200R Computer Case Review

Corsair 200R Computer Case Review

Today we have a rather nice, simple, and inexpensive computer case.
What caught my attention of this case is great ratings and good price of this product. You can buy one for about $60 at this time on newegg.

Corsair 200R Computer Case Review

The Corsair case comes in a box with manual and good amount of screws. Unfortunately, you will need to use screws to install your PCI Video card and other stuff. Keep in mind though, this is far from $100 cases, so it is not surprising that you will have more screws and less screw-less operations with this product.

Corsair 200R Computer Case Review

On the front of the case, you get audio and mic inputs with 2 USB 3.0 slots. I personally would be more happy to see at least one USB 2.0, but time is going fast and soon all technology will operate on USB 3.0 platform.

Corsair 200R Computer Case Review

What I liked a lot about this case is you'll be able to hide most of wires under motherboard, thanks to the new design of Corsair 200R. I also liked black color outside and inside the case.

Corsair 200R Computer Case Review

Case is mid-tower size, so look at your motherboard and determine if you want to use lesser size computer case. Inside the computer case there are 3 slots for DVD drives, 4 for SSD hard drives, and 4 standard hard drives.

Corsair 200R comes with 2 fans, but you can put up to 8 fans into this nice looking computer case.

Dimensions are 16.9" x 8.3" x 19.6". Power supply can be mounted at the bottom, which I personally like more than on top.

Product's warranty is only 2 years, but Corsair is well known for building high quality cases. Overall it's a great product and has everything average user needs in a computer case!

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