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Arctic HC01-TC Hard Drive Cooler Review
02-8-2011, 15:01
Today we have rather interesting product for review. Arctic HC01-TC Hard Drive Silencer and Cooler in one package. If you want to reduce the noise of your hard drive and cool it down at the same
Arctic Sound S111 Review
12-30-2010, 13:54
Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to watch movie or a religious sermon with your friends through a laptop, but the laptop’s speakers were not loud enough? Fortunately there is a
Arctic Sound P531 Headset Review
12-28-2010, 14:33
Today we have a nice looking headset provided by Arctic. What makes this headset special is that they can be used for gaming and also for movies.
Tuniq Potency 650W Review
07-23-2009, 09:13
I just got another nice power supply from Tuniq. About 10 month ago I reviewed Potency 550W and it was an amazing power supply. Today we going to find out if Tuniq Potency 650W continues the brand of