OCZ Fatal1ty Power Supply Review

First thing I am sure you noticed is the modular cable connectors. You don't have to hide bunch of wires in your computer case. Airflow inside of your computer case should be great. Speaking of efficiency, Fatal1ty provides users with 80PLUS Bronze rating, which is not Gold, but still not bad overall.

OCZ Fatal1ty Power Supply Review

There are options when it comes to number of watts you're looking for. OCZ offers 550W-750W. If you ask me, my opinion is if you have a CPU under 100W and one video card, 550W power supply should be more than enough. Now if you have 125W CPU and couple video cards on your system, I would go with 750W power supply.

Speaking of couple video cards, OCZ Fatal1ty comes with SLI and CrossFire, so you are covered whether you choose Nvidia or ATI.

OCZ Fatal1ty Power Supply Review

OCZ Fatal1ty comes with variety of safety features including Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Over Power Protection, Short Circuit Protection.

OCZ Fatal1ty is also pretty quiet and runs cool. OCZ offers 3 year warranty for the power supply.

Newegg currently sells for $70 for 550W and $90 for 750W. If you ask me, I'd say it's a good buy.

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