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Casio AWGM100B-1A G-Shock Watch Review

Casio AWGM100B-1A G-Shock Watch Review

Today we have a very nice watch for review.
Casio is a well-known brand for a watch. G-Shock models are known for their durability and are used a lot by law enforcement officers in this country.

Before this watch, I used an older model of Casio. I had it for several years and never had any issues with it. Does AWGM100B have what it takes to be my next watch?

Retail price of this model is $150, but I was able to find one for $120 on ebay. Be sure you look at dozen stores before making the purchase.

Out of all G-Shock watch, I liked this specific one because of smaller size and nice unique design. I liked the all black colors on this watch.

Casio G-Shock is bundled with tons of features. It took me several days to get to know all of them.

Casio AWGM100B-1A G-Shock Watch Review

Well, let's start with box. Case AWGM100B comes in a nice box. The box is made of metal and can even be used for any other reasons later on. You'll also get nice manual in 3 languages (ENG, SPA, FRA), which will tell you all you need to know about the watch operation. You can always find the manual on casio web site as well.

There are tons of features that the watch is capable off. There are five alarms, tons of timers, and whole bunch of settings. You can enable and disable Daylight Saving Time. Cool thing, when you changing your settings, all analog pointers will move to specific destination, so you could see all 3 digits.

Casio AWGM100B-1A G-Shock Watch Review

As in lots of Casio watch, AWGM100B has illumination. You can make it to be 1.5 second or 3 seconds. What I did not like is the orange color you get. Some people like it, but orange is not one of my favorites. What I also did not like is the light output does not cover much. You will not see any digits, but analog pointers will be visible. By the way, the analog pointers can glow in the dark (green) if they will get good amount of light. You can also set the watch in a way that when you looking at the watch, if its dark, the orange illumination will light up. The way it works is there are sensors in the watch that will cause the watch to illuminate when the watch is in certain angle.

Battery is an awesome feature of this watch. This model comes with rechargeable battery, which simply charges by the light. One full charge is enough to operate for full 6 months. If you are living in a place with even decent light output, you have nothing to worry about.

The watch use some atomic technology, so if you are living in United States (or many other countries), you don't have to set time on your watch. Just put it near a window in correct position overnight and the watch will set everything by itself. If you live in some place where atomic technology is not working, you can set the watch manually. To avoid issues at DTS, just enable DTS and you will be fine. If you don't want to enable Daylight Time changes, just be sure you put your watch by a window on the day the hours will be changed.

I personally don't use alarm on watch for one simple reason, I have my phone for that purpose. I will appreciate timer whenever I go for a run though.

Casio AWGM100B-1A G-Shock Watch Review

Now I will briefly cover what I did not like in this specific model. Main thing I didn't like is the visibility of the digits. If there is decent lighting in the room, I can see the digits with no issues, but at high light output or low light output, it is very hard to see the digits. That's when good illumination of the digits would be necessary, but instead we get illumination of the analog position, which is really not needed. What Casio needed to do is provide some kind of gas filled light output specifically on the digits or have gas fill on the digits and regular light on analog. It is something I would of expect from $150 watch.

Nevertheless, CASIO AWGM100B-1A is truly a good quality watch, which I am sure I will be using for a long time.

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