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Itronics ITB-100HD Dash Camera Review

Itronics ITB-100HD Dash Camera Review

This is a second review I am publishing of a dash camera. This one is much better than the first camera I reviewed. Why? Read full review...
Back in the days, there were not many dash cameras out there. My first dash camera was KCI communications (reviewed here). I spent over $500 for the camera that was not a good quality, not high definition, and had lots of wires. Just by comparing price range, you could save over $300 by buying itronics dash camera.

Itronics ITB-100HD Dash Camera Review


Installation was pretty simple, especially after messing with KCI dash cam. The itronics box has built in mic, GPS, and camera, so you don't need to worry about connecting each Item separately. Another good thing is that the intronics comes with uninterrupted power supply (optional).

Itronics ITB-100HD Dash Camera Review

What's great about the power supply is that your camera remains operating while your car turned off. Now, you probably think that there is nothing special as all you need to do is connect wires to a constant power, but here is what the power supply has. You can change settings to keep dash camera running 12, 24, or 36 hours after ignition goes off. Another cool feature is you can set battery voltage settings, so if battery is about to die, your camera will shut down.

Itronics ITB-100HD Dash Camera Review

Itronics ITB-100HD Dash Camera Review

The power supply comes with 3 wires, one is ground, another goes for constant power, and last one is for switched power. I connected ground to a bolt not far from fuse box. Connected constant power to a fuse that works with hazard lights and switched power to a fuse that works with cigarette lighter. I used loop technique and put wire over fuse and pushed fuse in the fuse box.

You can transfer the wires through a pillar on the drivers side and push wires all the way to the mirror. Use supplied double tape and attach dash cam mount. Then attach dash cam to the mount. It might take couple tries. If you have video cable and monitor, you can just use video and move around dash camera into best place. If you don't have a video cable and extra monitor laying around, you might have to do what I did. Record video and check on your computer recorded video and see if you need to move dash cam around.

After that, you all done.

Quality and Performance:

From what I can see is this is the best dash camera out there. This one has the best quality at day and night time. It can shot video up to 1080p at 24 fps and 720p at 30 fps. On 1080p, i didn't see difference in frames per second with 720p's 24 fps. Price of $200 is definitely affordable. Sound is not perfect, but not too bad. See videos to understand what you are getting. Another cool feature is parking mode. You can park your car at the mall for example and your camera will record video only where motion has been detected. You can also change sensitivity rate at its software.

Here is video of the camera in action!

Keep in mind that this video had to be compressed by Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, and Youtube. In reality video quality is better!

One problem you might encounter is you may get software with your dash camera in Taiwanese language. One and only solution is you can download the software here:


Software update 2.1 (To update the software, all you need is upload the file to your SD card and let dash camera update itself).

Another problem is dash camera shows only km/h instead of miles per hour. Fortunately there is a fix. One user sells patch for under $10 which will fix the issue and give you miles per hour reading. Here is the link to his Ebay page!

Once again, quality of the video this dash camera makes is wonderful. You can clearly see tag numbers on vehicles and faces of people. Quality of the unit is great too. I had the camera for about two month now and so far it's been great.

This camera gets Editors Choice without any questions!

Itronics ITB-100HD Dash Camera Review

If you wanted to know where to get it, leave a comment and I will send you ebay link. Be careful, there are fake sellers out there, so be sure you know what you are getting.

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Good day, I want to buy this model iTronics ITB-100D please give a link to the Bay. Thank you very much! Elisey from Ukraine.
Hey, thanks for reading my review. Here are some links:

Link 1

Link 2

Prices went up, but I think it's still a good deal
Steve Olstad
Can you answer the following,
I purchased the ITB-100HD and it worked fine for about 1 week then started getting double beeps while driving which indicated an "Event"(assuming that means an accident). I returned it to Amazon and received another ITB-100HD and it shows several "Events" while I drove to work but no beeps (so far). Is this a defect?
My unit does not beep for "Events" and it's been working fine for almost 2 years now. My unit has a default setup where it is constantly recording.
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