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Mobius Review

Mobius Review

Mobius is one of the smallest cameras I have seen, but how reliable is it?
What attracted my attention on this camera is one of the smallest cameras I have seen. It's also appears to be easy to conceal. I also noticed that this camera is fairly popular and there are tons of modifications, accessories, and firmware available for this model.

On my car I still use Itronics ITB-100HD, which works flawlessly for over 3 years.

I am still looking for perfect camera for my motorcycle. I went through several cameras. Innovv C3 had serious issues with power management. Innovv K1 started fine, but several months later, there were issues with ports of the unit. I sent the unit for replacement and will keep you updated on the new replacement. I also tried couple action cams, but action cam is not a dash cam.

I need a recorder that records on auto-start and that has a loop-video option. Pretty much I want a unit that once installed, would not needed my attention.

I ordered Mobius, which came without a package, but looked fairly good. I ordered my unit from China, so I had to wait for about 3-4 weeks to get it. Later I noticed that there are stores in United States that sell the same unit for little bit more. In my opinion, paying $10-$15 more to get unit 3 weeks faster is not a bad option, not to mention possible warranty exchanges.


There are many places to mount Mobius camera. I decided to mount it under headlight. You can read my instructions article on how to mount. I spent about $5 on parts for the mount option.

Mobius Review

I also ordered car power kit, which consists of a wire (positive and negative), converter, and a USB plug. I think it's a better option that finding another USB cable and finding a USB port. Also, keep in mind that some USB cables work for data connection and some are for power. Not all USB cables are created equal.

Mobius Review

Mobius Review

Mobius Review

I also ordered capacitor and decided to keep capacitor in the unit instead of battery for several reasons. First one, constantly turning the camera on and off will destroy it. Second, which is more important, in the heat battery can get overheated and damage the unit. For dash cam function, capacitor is the way to go.

Mobius Review

There is also an option to buy a weather cover. I decided to not use weather cover on this setup. One of the reasons is that the camera contains heat sinks, which weather cover would cover. I don't want the unit to overheat. I also don't like to have anything in front of the camera lens. With weather cover, you have an option not to use a clear plastic material in front of the camera lens, but then the unit will not be as water resistant as the weather cover intends it to be.

Overall setup was easy, all it involves is the power wire and the unit.

Well now to the testing and experience part.

Mobius Review

I will say right away, most thing I admire about dash cams and really about anything in products is reliability. I have been riding on my motorcycle with this camera for over 3 weeks and there was not a single file that was missing.

I noticed that the camera turns on within seconds after starting ignition and turns off within seconds after turning off my ignition. I watched all footage recorded on the device and did not have any issues with damaged, corrupt, or missing files.

Video quality

In daytime recordings, the video is perfect. I liked the fact that you can see your headlights reflection in the vehicle in front of you or on a wall you happen to pass. I also liked video footage at night, but my bright lights seem to put too much light on other vehicle tags, giving too much shine.

Here is a video compilation I made of the camera in action.


Overall Mobius microphone works just fine, but it all depends on the unit placement. MIne was placed under headlight, therefore all road noise was getting right into the mic. For better sound performance, place your unit behind windscreen for reduce wind noise.

That's pretty much it. Usually my reviews of dash cameras are longer, but the unit is as reliable as it gets. As I mentioned before, I never had any technical issues with this unit.

Mobius Review

Only one thing I wish Mobius would do is make the unit water resistant or make a motorcycle version that is water resistant. There is weather cover available for the unit, but the cover is blocking heatsink, which may cause unit to overheat. There is also full water proof case availalbe, but I don't like any additional covers in front of the camera lens. Also, two covers mentioned above also cover MicroSD slot and power port, so to use them you will have to modify/cut the covers.

So overall, Mobius camera is most reliable and small camera I have tested for motorcycle use. Of course some systems feature two cameras, GPS, screen, while some are just basic one camera systems. As I mentioned earlier in this article, to me most important thing is reliability. Another reason why Mobius is one of the best on the market is part availability. There are tons of parts and accessories available for the camera. There are mounts, covers, lens, batteries, capacitors, and list goes on and on.

Mobius Review

I am keeping Mobius on my motorcycle because I know the unit will record my everyday rides with no issues. I will also keep my two camera system on the motorcycle once I get replacement back and will see how well it will work.

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