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Boxster Stabilizer Bar Links Replacement

Today I will show you how easy it is to replace stabilizer bar links on 986 Porsche Boxster.
I have replaced the links on several vehicles and so far, the procedure is the easiest on the Boxster.

Out of tools, make sure you have 18mm wrench, 15mm and 18mm socket wrench, and a hammer.

Obviously make sure you have new stabilizer bar links. Do not get them used, always buy those new. I used Moog links as they make pretty good quality products for a very reasonable price.

First step is jack up the vehicle and remove your wheel. The bar links is located over there in the back. First, remove the lower nut of the bar link. Use 18mm wrench to hold the link and remove the nut with 15mm socket wrench.

Once that is removed, let’s remove the top one. Use 18mm wrench to hold the stabilizer bar link and use 18mm socket wrench to remove the nut.

Now that both nuts are removed, we’ll use a hammer. Gently beat the links thread at the bottom. That will force the bar link to come out. Now we’ll do the same thing on top. You can move steering wheel if you’ll need a better access.

After you beat the top portion of the link, you should be able to remove the bar links altogether.

To install the new replacement, first do the top portion.

Now do the bottom portion.

Hand tight the bottom nut.

Hand tight the top nut.

Now use 18mm wrench and 15mm socket wrench on bottom to secure the nuts.

Now use 18mm wrench and 18mm socket wrench on top to secure the nuts.

You are all set. Here is my DIY video, which should also help you. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

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