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Poulan spindle replacement

In this article, I will show you how to replace spindle and pulley without removing the deck.
I replaced spindles before and for an unknown reason one of the spindles went bad, also damaging the pulley. I went to a local lawn care equipment store and bought a spindle, self-threading bolts, pulley, and a belt.

I decided to replace the spindle without actually removing the deck.

First thing you need to do is lift the rear of the lawnmower with a car jack.

With the rear lifted, you will have more room to work on the lawnmower. First piece to remove will be pulley. The pulley is held by a 22mm nut. To remove the nut, you’ll need to hold the blade under deck in place. I used a metal pry bar to keep the blade from moving while removing the nut. You can lower the deck to the lowest position to have a better access to the nut. If you have problems with fitting socket wrench on the nut, you can use a pair of vice grips.

When you remove the nut, you can remove the pulley as well. If belt is in the way, move it aside from the spindle.

Now let’s remove the blade. Move the deck to the highest position. The bolt that holds the blade in place is 16mm. Use pry bar to hold the blade in place and remove the bolt. Use a breaker bar if it is tough to remove the bolt. When you remove the bolt and the blade, remember position of the blade, so that you won’t put it back on incorrectly during re-installation.

Let’s remove the spindle now. It is held by four 13mm bolts. There is a good chance that you will break those bolts, but it is perfectly fine. You will use new self-threading bolts for the new spindle. You may have to use an extension for a socket wrench to remove the bolts.

When all bolts are removed, take out the spindle.

Compare it with your new spindle for proper fit.

You can also wash or clean the deck while the spindle is removed. If you want to replace the belt, you can actually replace it now while the spindle is off. It is not the proper or common way to replace the belt, but since the spindle is off, you can replace it this way. Simply pull out old belt and install new one.

Install the replacement. Use four bolts and make sure the metal bracket is installed as well. (Remember its position during removal of the spindle).

After spindle is installed, put back the blade in the same position as it was before you removed it and secure it with the 16mm bolt. Use pry bar to keep the blade from moving while you’re securing the bolt.

Final step is installation of the new pulley. Lower the deck to the lowest position. Put in new pulley with the belt attached to the pulley. Now secure the 22mm nut while keeping the blade from moving.

Make sure the spindle you got has proper nut for the pulley thread. The nut I got was too thin and I had to use my existing nut and a washer to successfully reinstall the pulley.

You are all set. The procedure should take less than an hour and it is a fairly easy task. Here is my full DIY video on how to replace the spindle and pulley.

If you have any questions feel free to post below.

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